Music and Lyrics by

​​​​   Denise Ganulin

Written by Denise Ganulin C 2018

What can I say when there are no words to tell you what you mean?
You’re always there, keeping me strong
So I can still dare to dream

How can I make you believe how much I need you to need me?
Thank you for letting me hold you tight
Kiss away your tears and soften your nights

If you only knew.......all I feel for you
How I share your joys, how I feel your pain
                             and all that you go through          (CHORUS)
No matter what comes, you’re always gonna be the one
And all I want to do is be here just for you
If you only knew

Sometimes I feel so insecure
But there’s just something about you
The feel of your touch, that look in your eyes
I couldn’t make it without you

No sacrifice is ever too great when it comes to giving to you
Being with you is the gift of all time
And here’s where I’ll stay for the rest of my life