Music and Lyrics by

​​​​   Denise Ganulin

Still Feeling Now

Written by Denise Ganulin c2018

Today I saw a mommy holding hands with her little girl
they were laughing and playing so happy in their little world.
And it took me back to how it used to be
when that mommy was me
And even though you seem so far away
I still think you hear me every day

So I want to thank you for the time we had
I wish I could hold you when I'm feeling sad
I miss you every minute, but I guess I'm getting through somehow
                                               cuz all the love we shared                              (CHORUS)
I'm still feeling now
All the love we shared, I'm still feeling now

The beautiful thing about love is that it never dies
and I still have you here each time I close my eyes
and even tho I think you're where you need to be
sometimes I still cry for me
I can't believe how much my world has changed
but my heart will always feel the same


I thought I felt  you just today
you were that sweet beeeze on my face
And yes I know that life goes on
but I don't think you're ever really gone